By Anna


1. Scream Bloody Murder by Christiane Amanpour

In this CNN documentary, Christiane Amanpour travels to five countries: Cambodia, Bosnia, Iraq, Rwanda and Darfur, to take the viewer into the gruesomeness of genocide in the last 40 years.


2.  Standard Operating Procedure by Errol Morris

Coming out on DVD, this documentary of interviews and reenactments reveals the horrors of Abu Ghraib where 14,000 people were imprisoned during the war in Iraq.


3.  The Betrayal by Ellen Kuras

Taking more than 20 years to complete, Kuras has preserved her research into a film about the United States’ involvement in Laos during the Vietnam War.              


 4.  The English Surgeon by Geoffrey Smith

Dr. Henry Marsh has been traveling to Russia and the Ukraine for years to develop a proper brain surgery clinic where there has never been one before.


5.  Forbidden Lies by Anna Broinoski

The film documents Norma Khouri, who wrote the novel Forbidden Love, about honour killings in Jordan, a book, which turned out to be fiction. Forbidden Lies is Khouri’s first hand account of why she wrote the book and whether or not it was all a lie.


6.  Waltz with Bashir by Ari Folman

In this animated film and winner of a Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film, director Ari Folman autobiographically depicts what he cannot remember during his service for the Israeli Army in the Lebanese War of the 1980s.