By Ashlee

This words for this poem came about while I was attempting to fall asleep one lonely winter night as I was missing a boy who had recently gone off to school and left me at a place called home.

“Come Home Soon”

I will write many poems about you
And they’ll never measure up
Call it distance, space, or miles
I hate it all the same
Come home soon

All this talk of reuniting
Well I need a concrete plan
To bear the weight of my longing
And when you come 
Flood my street with your headlights,
I’ll be waiting
So wrap me up in your arms
Like a present you’d give your sweetheart
And stay for a while

We’ll talk for hours
But it’s still not enough time
Full of stories and laughter
And I realize how much I’ve missed you
Because Father Time stole us from our cradles
And He never sleeps like we do
So let’s fill a time capsule with memories
We’ll bury it in our hearts 
And promise to open it often

I’m glad I don’t need a reason
To make you come home to me

Companion Poem:

“Home Thoughts” by Carl Sandburg 

The sea rocks have a green moss.
The pine rocks have red berries.
I have memories of you.

Speak to me of how you miss me.
Tell me the hours go long and slow.

Speak to me of the drag on your heart,
The iron drag of the long days.

I know hours empty as a beggar’s tin cup on a rainy day, empty as a soldier’s sleeve with an arm lost.

Speak to me …