Compiled by Ryan

The links:

-Mixed information has been emerging about Seth Rogen’s adaptation of The Green Hornet, but now it seems to maybe not be happening or maybe yes.  Because we all love non-news about husky comedians taking on superhero roles.

-More movie news: the new Soundwave design sucks.

-You can go ahead and mark 2010 as the year when you will chose not to see the “A-Team” movie.

-Lil Wayne is making…a rock album?

-If you’re a blind person, maybe don’t leave your laptop unattended on a public bus.

The YouTube highlights:

Here’s another one for our YouTube playlist; you know I have a soft spot for local commercials.  Once again, thanks to the kids at Videogum for this gemstone:

I also killed a lot of time this week when I discovered that Jimmy Kimmel Live has finally added some of their better stuff to the ‘Tube; check it out.

Finally, I really enjoyed the first segment of Charlie Rose’s show last week discussing the Oscar noms:

New music spotlight:

Blackout BeachSkin of Evil

Blackout Beach is a project of Victoria, B.C.’s Carey Mercer, perhaps more well known as a member of Swan Lake and the frontman for Frog Eyes.  On Skin of Evil Mercer crafts a quasi-concept record about a woman named Donna.  Fans of Mercer’s carnival-barker vocals will find him more reigned in here, and newcomers will still find them a bit grating.  I love it, but check it out for yourself:

Blackout Beach – “Cloud of Evil” from Skin of Evil, out now on Soft Abuse

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street BandWorking on a Dream

Franz FerdinandTonight: Franz Ferdinand

The great thing about major-label bands is that they don’t like to give you free MP3s on the internet.  Sure I could download them ILLEGALLY but that would be UNETHICAL and NOT PROFITABLE for the labels.  So I’m just gonna assume that both of these records suck until proven otherwise.