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The links:

-First things first: Puppy Bowl V, well, happened, and Gabe over at Videogum absolutely nailed it.  Be sure to watch the video as well as read it; trust me, it’s so worth it.

A lot has been said about that “MacGruber” “Pepsuber” Pepsi ad, and SNL head writer Seth Meyers cleared it up in a radio interview this week; basically, Pepsi approached SNL about doing a spot, and the writers/performers got a cut of that $3 million while Lorne Michaels did not.  You can hear the whole interview in the second half of this podcast.

-Of course Sony picked up this movie.  And you thought Larry David and Woody Allen were neurotic on their own.

-The Brooklyn/Minneapolis band everybody love/hates is releasing a live album and documentary.  Awesome.

-Now that our own Adam has taken the dive into Twitter, it may be advantageous to find out more about famous musicians’ own Twitter accounts.

The YouTube highlights:

Rod Blagojevich, whose last name Microsoft Word Office 07 somehow recognizes as a legitimate word, was on Letterman this week.  You’re welcome:


Local news is just the best.  Check this out:

 New music spotlight:

MorrisseyYears of Refusal

At this point, you either love Morrissey or you don’t, okay?  And yes, nothing in his solo career can compare to The Smiths, but, frankly Mr. Shankly, why would it?  He’s on a bit of a late-career resurgence as of late.  Give a listen to his latest single before a double-decker bus crashes into you.

Morrissey – “I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris” from Years of Refusal, out now on Lost Highway

P.O.S.Never Better

A member of the Minneapolis-based Doomtree collective, P.O.S. has been rocking solo for a few years now.  His last effort, Audition, was one of my favorite records of 2006, and Never Better proves just as good.  Though he’s technically an MC, the term “rap” doesn’t do P.O.S.’s music justice; the guy samples Underoath, names songs after Sarah Silverman, and enlists cameos as diverse as The Hold Steady‘s Craig Finn and Romantica/Foo Fighters violinist Jessy Greene.  He started in a punk band, and he wears the influence heavily.  Listen closely to “Let It Rattle,” and you may just catch a nod to both Mitch Hedberg and The Big Lebowski.  To quote The Cool Kids, “How gangsta is that?  Pff, not gangsta at all!”

P.O.S. – “Let It Rattle” from Never Better, out now on Rhymesayers Entertainment