By Ashlee

I wrote this poem after sadly being unable to recall as many good memories as I could terrible ones with a past relationship I’ve been in.  I could remember quite vividly all of the terrible things that were said, all the fights, all the regrettable acts, but could barely recall the beginning of the relationship, the giddy feelings or the compliments given.  It broke my heart a little.


There’s something that hovers

Black and blue in my mind

The way our thoughts work

How we tend to remember the worst times

And forget the best

All the rotten fruit thrown at you

The sharpest lies

The lashing tongue that

Lacerates your soul

And the times you’ve done wrong

These things get stored away

In a part of your head

Where playbacks are most vivid

While the good times

When you feel most alive

Enveloped by friends and family

And a stranger helps you find your way

Like no map can

Being given a genuine compliment

These things slip

Ever so slowly

From our minds

They were stored in the clouds

And can’t be pulled down

Like the terrible moments

Bruises in our history

Blood clots in our minds

This fact haunts me

As I try yet again to cover up

The bad with the good

And fail.


Companion Poem:

“To Memory” by Mary Elizabeth Coleridge

Strange Power, I know not what thou art,

Murderer or mistress of my heart.

I know I’d rather meet the blow

Of my most unrelenting foe

Than live—as now I live—to be

Slain twenty times a day by thee.


Yet, when I would command thee hence,

Thou mockest at the vain pretence,

Murmuring in mine ear a song

Once loved, alas! forgotten long;

And on my brow I feel a kiss

That I would rather die than miss.