Compiled by Ryan

The links:

-Weirdest headline of the week: Members of Smashing Pumpkins, Hanson, Cheap Trick, and Fountains of Wayne form band. 

-The Presidents of the United States of America (you remember them) have created a stellar new iPhone App that lets you stream the band’s entire catalog for just $2.99.

-There’s nothing funny about Tracy Morgan’s house being damaged in a fire.  Oh wait, the fire was started by a faulty light bulb in his shark tank?  Ok, there’s one funny thing about Tracy Morgan’s house being damaged in a fire.

-The official Late Night blog confirms that Max Weinberg and the rest of the band will be joining Conan out in LA.

-Charm City Cakes makes a special cake for the 100th episode of Lost; check it out.

The YouTube highlights:

Stephen Colbert stopped by Late Night for an invisible string dance-off.  Here’s the video, courtesy of Videogum:

Don’t forget to check out tonight’s finale of Late Night with Conan O’Brien, which will feature a performance from The White Stripes.

In other late-night action, the very enjoyable Antony pounded out “Aeon” on Letterman this week:

New music spotlight:

M. WardHold Time

I go back and forth on M. Ward; sometimes he’s interesting, sometime’s he’s boring.  Playing guitar with Sufjan: interesting.  Playing guitar with Zooey: boring.  Usually his solo efforts hold up pretty well, so I’d encourage you to give Hold Time a chance.  You can actually stream the whole thing here, but here’s the lead single:

M. Ward – “Never Had Nobody Like You” from Hold Time, out now on Merge Records

Robyn HitchcockGoodnight Oslo

As a big Destroyer fan, I’ve always felt somewhat guilty about not checking out Robyn Hitchcock: the British songster’s influence is all over Mr. Bejar’s music.  I had listened to scattered songs, but never an entire album.  Then I saw Rachel Getting Married, which featured the quirky musician and some of his music, and I realized what I’d been missing.  Goodnight Oslo is a great piece from start to finish, and I really like “Up to Our Nex,” which was featured in the aforementioned film.

Robyn Hitchcock – “Up to Our Nex” from Goodnight Oslo, out now on Yep Rock