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The links:

-My favorite story this week has to be Wayne Coyne (of The Flaming Lips) talking smack about The Arcade Fire to Rolling Stone.  Win Butler of AF responded via the band’s site (click “Win,” then “Win’s Scrapbook” to read).  Nothing like a good ol’ indie rock feud to get the internet crowd in a frenzy.

Wilco has brought in Feist for a track on their new album, which is due sometime in June.

Prince will release a CD set exclusively at Target, but the really interesting piece of news in that article is that His Purpleness may be getting ready to unleash that long-rumored video library of live performances.

-If you can watch this Bonnie “Prince” Billy music video and not smile, I just don’t wanna be friends with you anymore.

Larry David is bringing his Seinfeld starts to Curb Your Enthusiasm for a multiple-episode story arc in the upcoming seventh season of the hilarious HBO show.

-Of course Fabio from Top Chef: New York will get his own television show.

Kevin Smith is all set to direct a big-budget buddy-cop movie.  The stars?  Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan.

The YouTube highlights:

This is a song about the types of breakfast you won’t eat anymore when you die and go to heaven.  Seriously, if you can name me a breakfast that isn’t mentioned in this song, I nominate you for king of the breakfast table [via Dlisted]:

This next video is kind of unprecedented, mostly because it’s some women dressed like teenage girls playing MGMT’s “Kids” on their iPhones, and the only possible precedent would be if someone had a grainy video of 1930’s housewives dressed in schoolgirl outfits playing Benny Goodman with those hand-cranked telephones with separate mouth and ear pieces.  But this is the Internet we’re talking about, so nothing should really surprise us at this point [via Videogum]:

New music spotlight:

Neko CaseMiddle Cyclone

Outside of alternative-country circles, Neko Case is probably best known as the red-haired maven in The New Pornographers.  But, like fellow Porno Dan Bejar, Case has a solo career that predates the Canadian power pop ensemble.  Early in her career, some labeled Case the next Loretta Lynn or Dolly Parton, but Case chose a path a little closer to Lucinda Williams, making music that had country and bluegrass roots but was darker and less-twangy than her mainstream-country peers.  Case has turned down multiple major-label offers because of her need to control every aspect of her music, and it’s always seemed like the right choice.  Here’s the lead single from her latest:

Neko Case – “People Got A Lotta Nerve” from Middle Cyclone, out now on Anti-

U2No Line On The Horizon

I really wish we could facilitate some kind of conversation between fifty-year-old rock critics and thirty-year-old rock critics debating the merits of U2 and Bruce Springsteen.  Don’t get me wrong-I respect both artists quite a bit and think they’ve contributed some amazing work to the cannon of rock.  That said, I don’t think anything either of them has done this decade-outside of Springsteen’s overlooked Seeger sessions-has been anything to write home about.  Yet both have earned five-star reviews from Rolling Stone and experienced big resurgences in that time.  I just don’t get it; twenty years from now, am I still gonna think Wilco and Radiohead or whatever are the best bands alive?  Someone needs to figure this out, because I do not wanna still be hanging on when Jeff Tweedy inexplicably throws his crotch into the camera during the Super Bowl.

U2 – “Breathe” live on The Late Show with David Letterman