By Ryan

Just wanted to drop a note to let everyone know that I’ll be posting part two of this column on Thursday.  I wanted to get it up today, but I wasn’t able to finish it due to all the streaming music I wanted to include.  Trust me, though, it’s gonna be worth it when I do.  Maybe.

Also be looking for Adam‘s upcoming series, which will be some incarnation of his famous “Exit Theory” webcomic.

One final note: I love when people comment on this site, I really do, and I love it even more when it’s folks who disagree with any or all of our staff doing the commenting.  What I don’t like is when the writers of this site attach their names and identities to their opinions, and then commenters anonymously bash them.  That I won’t have.  I’m more than willing to hear opposing and even stupid views, but if you’re going to leave a bogus name and/or email address, don’t bother, I’ll just delete it.  We’re putting our real names and email addresses alongside our work, and the least you can do is offer the same along with your dissenting point of view.

That said, thanks to all the faithful readers and commentors who make this site more interesting.  We love you.