By Ashlee

Harlan Hubbard was a painter and writer who lived naturally and apart from modern civilization, and lived a full and happy life.

“For Harlan Hubbard”

You, who abuse the earth

Who use what you do not love

You do not work the soil

Or feel the thorns

If ever you were outdoors

A machine is between

The ears and the birds

The nose and the fragrant foliage

The skin and the dust

Degrading yourself, your mind

With labor-savers

The modern world is far too small

In its extravagance they left no room

For the real, good, and natural

You use the world and its goods

Without consideration or love

Reducing creatures and all of creation

To ideas and monetary values

Buying packages

Boxes, cartons of product

Never eating food

You shall waste away

As your bones grow padding

And you skin stretches over

Spilling greed over your jeans

You who consume and take

What big companies put out

On the shelves, endless

Labor, overworked

And underpaid for your

Bargain, what a deal

What a steal

What a shame


Companion Poem:  “Modern Nature” by Andrei Voznesensky

Red cows
on the asphalt road have settled.
Lazing on the asphalt pan they lie.
We drive them round
for cows are sacred!
They are loyal to the highway,
we wonder why.

“Old herdsman, we want our question answered:
Why have the cows gone mad?” “God forbid!
The point is that flies do not like asphalt.”
Those modern cows! The are wise indeed!

They got it, the sly ones! Cattle of genius!
Unlike the poor, unfortunate flies.
“The flies know that asphalt
is carcinogenic.”
Those modern flies! They are really wise!