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The links:

This article about NBC’s upcoming Parks and Recreation is a little inside baseball, but it’s interesting if only for the sense of concern about early test screenings of the pilot.

-If you have some free time this weekend, you may want to check out The A.V. Club‘s 10 best Simpsons episodes from the last five years, complete with video of full-episodes.

Dinosaur Jr. have a new album coming out, and judging from the fact that it’s Dinosaur Jr., it’s going to be great.  Peep the great album art:


Sunset Rubdown are also prepping a new record, only they went the “damned awful” -route with their artwork:


This NY Times Op-Ed piece about personalities as hedgehogs and foxes (with a focus on the financial and media worlds) is a pretty good read.

-Favorite headline of the week: “Is Antarctica Getting Too Popular?”  Let the record show that I liked Antarctica before it was cool.  And I’m still not sure it’s all that cool.

The YouTube highlights:

I’ve been a longtime supporter of the Kidz Bop serious for obvious reasons.  While the latest video doesn’t match the excitement of earlier efforts (Asian kid at 2:37 of “Since U Been Gone“), it does feature another wildly-misappropriated-for-Kidz-Bop song in Pink’s “So What”:

If you haven’t seen the trailer for Where the Wild Things Are yet, you’ve really got to visit the internet more often.  Even if you have, it’s worth re-watching:

Also on the trailer front, Taking Woodstock, directed by Ang Lee and staring Demetri Martin:

New music spotlight:

Dan DeaconBromst

Long a cool kid’s secret, Dan Deacon burst onto the (relatively) big-time scene in 2007 with the wonderful Spiderman of the Rings, a record so irresistible that it drove legions of hipsters to dance.  Because we all do that cool kids don’t dance for nothing!  Or whatever.  Bromst is a less immediately rewarding record than its predecessor, but that doesn’t mean it’s anything less than stellar:

Dan Deacon – “Snookered” from Bromst, out now on Carpark

The DecemberistsThe Hazards of Love

I’m not a big Decemberists fan; I enjoyed Crane Wife, but even that grew old.  I usually have a soft spot for vocalists that others would consider annoying, but for some reason, Collin Meloy just irks the hell out of me.  Still, I’d rather listen to this than 99% of the music you listen to.  (Me 1, general internet audience [mostly my friends and family] 0)  The Hazards of Love is conceived as a rock opera of sorts, and, well, I expect to see a lot of “EPIC FAIL” feedback from the online community on this one.  Like I said, Meloy works best in smaller, less bombastic doses.  There’s a few decent songs here, however, and I’ve no doubt that hardcore fans will enjoy it:

The Decemberists – “The Rake Song” from The Hazards of Love, out now on Capitol

Swan LakeEnemy Mine

If you hate the incestuous Canadian indie scene, now would be the time to look away.  Swan Lake is Carey Mercer (Frog Eyes, Blackout Beach), Spencer Krug (Wolf Parade, Sunset Rubdown, Frog Eyes), and Dan Bejar (Destroyer, The New Pornographers, Hello Blue Roses).  Enemy Mine is their second album, and, they claim, more collaborative than their first.  It may sound more cohesive, but each songwriter contributes three songs, and every song has that writer’s musically-talented fingerprints all over it.  Thanks to the good folks at Jagjaguwar, I’ll give you a taste of all three (Mercer, Krug, Bejar, respectively, and note that you can download these tunes for free by visiting the above link):

Swan Lake – “Spanish Gold, 2044” from Enemy Mine, out now on Jagjaguwar

Swan Lake – “A Hand At Dusk” from Enemy Mine, out now on Jagjaguwar

Swan Lake – “Spider” from Enemy Mine, out now on Jagjaguwar