By Ryan

I apologize for the lack of columns as of late; I just moved into a new place, and the entire process was pretty taxing in terms of time.  That said, I should be putting out stuff more regularly now that I’m all settled in.  And what better way to come back than by getting to digest this story?chuck_e_cheese4

Chuck E Cheese character groped breast, suit says

By Heather Ratcliffe



ST. LOUIS COUNTY • A woman has filed a lawsuit against Chuck E Cheese, claiming the beloved mouse character at a child-theme restaurant put his paws where they didn’t belong.

Jennifer Sorbello, 22, of Arnold, filed the suit Tuesday in St. Louis County Circuit Court, accusing a man dressed in the mascot costume, William Thigpen, of groping her breast.

The suit says it happened Aug. 2, 2008, at the restaurant at 720 South County Center Way.

“He looked at her, reached out, grabbed her breast and moved along,” said Mark Potashnick, Sorbello’s attorney. “Her jaw dropped in shock and disgust.”

Her stepfather captured in incident in a photo but didn’t know it until after they reviewed the pictures, the lawyer said.

Sorbello accuses Thigpen and the restaurant of assault, battery and discrimination in public accommodation. She’s asking for unspecified compensation, including punitive damages and attorney’s costs.

Potashnick said his client did not know Thigpen.

Thigpen and officials with the restaurant’s parent company, CEC Entertainment of Irving, Texas, could not be reached for comment.

According to the suit, Thigpen was greeting patrons when he touched Sorbello.

“As a direct result of Thigpen’s conduct,” the suit reads. “(Sorbello) has been damaged in the form of emotional distress and humiliation.”

To the woman brining this suit forward:

Emotional distress and humiliation!?  Listen, whatever you felt in those few moments when a man in a mouse costume grabbed your breast-and I sympathize with how degrading that would be-I promise you that it will pale in comparison to living the rest of your public life as “the woman who was gropped by and sued Chuck E Cheese.”  It’s like you don’t even know about the internet!  We live for this kind of stuff.  This story will not die!  There are already 200 comments on the original article, and tons of links on popular blogs, including USA Today‘s website.  What’s more embarrassing-having some perv touch you in public or having some perv touch you in public and then having millions of people read about it?  I hate to question you after what you went through, but your actions here are pretty questionable.

To the man in the Chuck E Cheese costume:

Have you no shame?  Oh wait, obviously you don’t, you work at Chuck E fucking Cheese.  And not even servicing the skee ball machines or making the nasty-ass pizza; no, you my friend get to wear the costume and “greet patrons,” which you saw as an opening for copping a feel.  You disgust me almost as much as the aforementioned pizza.

To the stepfather:

Why are you at Chuck E Cheese with your 22-year-old stepdaughter?  And taking pictures of it!  You’re a douche.

To Heather Ratcliffe:

Well done, my friend.  Well done.