Compiled by Ryan

The links:

-Some White Stripes news: Meg’s getting married, and Jack says things with the band are back on track, and that a new album may be out next year.

-Check out the poster for the Woody Allen-directed Whatever Works, starring perhaps the best personality in the world, Larry David:


This Slate piece on the politics of 30 Rock was well-written, well-argued, and very interesting; a must-read for fans of the show.

A Will Forte interview is always a treat.

-Is Mindy Kaling (The Office) a big enough talent to carry her own show?  We’ll soon find out.

-Total dork pieces are the best: this Guardian article explores the possibility that Van Gogh’s ear was cut off by fellow artist Paul Gauguin rather than by VVG himself.

New music spotlight:

Akron/FamilySet ’em Wild, Set ’em Free

Akron/Family are an experimental type of group, so describing them is somewhat of a tricky task.  I liken them to a more rootsy Cloud Cult, a more-acoustic Animal Collective, or a sort of backwoods version of The Flaming Lips.  Either way, good stuff.  You can pick up any of their albums, know it’s them, but not have any idea where the music is going, which is a pretty nifty trick to pull off with any degree of success.  I really like this song from their new one:

Akron/Family – “River” from Set ’em Wild, Set ’em Free, out now on Dead Oceans

Conor Oberst & The Mystic Valley BandOuter South

No matter what he does, Conor Oberst will always sound like Bright Eyes: that trademark warble just isn’t going anywhere.  Since he’s abandoned that moniker, Oberst has tried to move in a new direction:  less squeamish lyrics, an increased emphasis on music, but, ultimately, a more generic sound.  Here’s the opening cut from the new album:

Conor Oberst & The Mystic Valley Band – “Slowly (Oh So Slowly)” from Outer South, out now on Merge