By Anna

Picture 1During the Bush Administration the public wasn’t allowed to see the caskets holding “our” dead from Iraq and Afghanistan, yet no embargo was placed on the human fragments littering the streets of Iraq and Afghanistan. We know “our” dead did that, but we assume those fragments deserved it, that they are not humans, but that they are the enemy; as if the enemy was never human, only terrorist.

The media covers what it doesn’t understand or respect. There was no massive protest, no outcry for a halt to horrors, just numbers. We know how many of “our” own have died and stand in moments of silence for them. I do not cherish these moments because they do not distract me from the baseball game that is about to start or the speech that is about to be given. But bodies could distract me. Bodies could make the inevitable real. Bodies could bring cohesion and peace. Bodies could bring us out of debt. Bodies with faces and limbs that have been lost in a country so few understand and fewer try to understand. Bodies that never needed to be emptied of life.