Compiled by Ryan


The links:

-Check out these extensive features on Zach Galifianakis (NYT Magazine) and Ed Helms (A.V. Club).  I think they’re both in a movie that opens today.demetrimartin

-Good news for comedy nerds: Important Things with Demetri Martin was picked up for a second season.

-This Variety piece explores the long-lost art of television-show theme music.  If I had my own show, it would have a three-four minute intro that ran every single episode just to piss people off.  (This might be an example of why I don’t have my own show.)

-More information about and the background of “The Beatles: Rock Band” game can be found in this cnet article.

-Finally, check out James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem)’s MySpace blog about going to the VMAs.