Compiled by Ryan

The links:

-Remember when Bill O’Reilly used to degrade The Daily Show by calling its audience potheads or lazy college kids?  Now Forbes is saying that both Stewart and Colbert’s audiences are fairly old, even going so far as to say it could affect advertising viability for the shows.

-Stewart is also on the cover of the new Sojoruners, and you can read his interview with Jim Wallis here.

-Now you can get Homer Simpson as the voice on TomTom GPS devices.

-Beck is doing a project where he quickly records covers of entire albums and then posts the results on his website.  Check out “Sunday Morning” from The Velvet Underground and Nico.

The YouTube highlights:

Broken Social Scene played a surprise gig in Toronto this week.  Here’s a video of them doing “New Country”:

This is seemingly out of leftfield, but former SNLer Melanie Hutsell surfaced on the Food Network in May, doing a Paula Deen impression.  TV Squad has the details, and here’s the video: