Compiled by Ryan

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-The upcoming Flaming Lips record will be called Embryonic, and this might be the album art.

-Win Butler spoke to NME about a new Arcade Fire record.

Transformers 2 somehow took in $60.6 million on its opening day, a new record for mid-week openings.

-Speaking of that movie, check out this quick exchange about it between Aziz Ansari and his cousin Darwish.

-The Academy Awards have decided to go to ten (up from five) nominees in the Best Picture category.  Speculation is rampant that the goal here is to include some blockbusters in the running and, thus, improve television ratings for the award show.  Here’s Rolling Stone film critic Peter Travers’ reaction.

-Finally, at the end of an almost-surreal week, hit up Videogum for the top five Peanuts dance party mashups.