Compiled by Ryan

The links:

-It’s RAAAAAAAANDY! Check out the fake site for Aziz Ansari’s character in the upcoming Funny People.

-This makes me a bit disappointed: Jane Lynch is leaving Party Down for Glee.

-Do you think you’d like to see 100 episodes of a Will-Ferrell-Adam McKay joint starring Jon Heder?  Comedy Central is betting that you would.

-It’s official: there will be a MacGruber movie.

-Jack White’s record label, Third Man Records, unveiled a new subscription service that sounds potentially great for Jack White fans.

-NPR’s All Things Considered celebrated Merge’s 20th anniversary with a feature this week.

The YouTube highlights:

The trailer for the much-hyped Big Fan starring Patton Oswalt:

This is called “The best marriage proposal in the world.”  It is mistitled.

New music spotlight:

The Rural Alberta AdvantageHometowns

Most folks have a pretty solid idea of what to expect from indie bands from Canada.  The Rural Alberta Advantage are a Canadian indie band, but they’re not that kind of Canadian indie band.  They sing nostalgic songs, but they’re not dark; they have a unique vocalist, but he’s not weird, he’s just nasaly (think Switchfoot’s Jon Foreman).  Still, though, the band is getting a lot of coverage online, so you owe it to yourself to check out the lead single from their debut album:

The Rural Alberta Advantage – “Don’t Haunt This Place” from Hometowns, out now on Saddle Creek