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Kyp Malone

Any excuse to put his picture up. (see below)

-You can stream the trailer for Under Great White Northern Lights, the upcoming White Stripes doc, on the band’s website.

Pop Tarts Suck Toasted runs down the top 20 Merge releases in honor of the label’s anniversary.

-The Wolf Parade fan site has a new “Ask Dan” feature that has readers submit questions for WP’s Dan Boeckner.

-There’s speculation that Apple may be putting an end to the iPod Classic, Nano, and Shuffle.

-Is Fox really going to bring back Futurama with different voice actors?  For shame!

-Best Week Ever is a blog after my own heart: “The 15 Most Annoying Movies Yet to Come Out in 2009.”

Time has a short interview with writer Dave Eggers on his next book.

-The LA Times blog has a list of 61 essential postmodern books, though the very nature of the thing guarantees they left a lot out (Richard Bach, anyone?).

New music spotlight:

Rain MachineRain Machine

TV on the Radio’s Kyp Malone is going solo with Rain Machine, and the results thus far are surprisingly TVOTRish.  Check out “Give Blood”:

Rain Machine – “Give Blood” from Rain Machine, out September 22 on ANTI-