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-The Seinfeld reunion on the upcoming season of Curb Your Enthusiasm looks like it will be pretty entertaining.

Amy Poehler will return to co-host two of the SNL Weekend Update Thursday shows this fall, presumably to promote the upcoming second season of Parks & Rec.

-As Funny People opens today, Gawker asks which thirty minutes of the film Universal reportedly wanted to cut.  Meanwhile, the studio has signed director Judd Apatow to helm three more films for them.

-A former Blender writer wrote a piece about the death of music mags on Slate.  I know that Blender sucks ha, sucked, but this is an interesting read.

The YouTube highlights:

The Fantastic Mr. Fox trailer:

New music spotlight:

Monsters of FolkMonsters of Folk

Monsters of Folk is a collaboration between Jim James (My Morning Jacket), Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes), and M. Ward (She & Him and, ostensibly, M.Ward).  The trio toured together back in 2004, and worked on their studio debut with longtime Oberst & Ward cohort Mike Mogis   While some of the tunes on the record are reported to indeed be folksy, this surely isn’t one of them:

Monsters of Folk – “Say Please” from Monsters of Folk, out September 22 on Shangri-La