By Ryan

Okay, so I went away for a bit.  But I know you liked the podcasts.  And don’t tell me you didn’t click on every one of those links on Fridays.  Yes, it was summer, the time you’re most bored and also the time when I completely forget about maintaining any kind of update schedule for this blog.  Like Michael Jackson and propofol, it’s an unfortunate pairing.

Speaking of that, did you hear that he died?

HA!  Of course you did, it’s, like, literally, everywhere.  Literally.  I was watching The Battle Over Citizen Kane today, and one of the interviewees said that William Randolph Hurst literally shoved Marion Davies down the throats of the American public.  Naturally, I tried to find a picture of this, but to no avail.

Feel free to paint me one.

Look, we’ve got more of this burnished banter, along with fresh takes on social justice, pop culture, politics, and maybe even a poem or two in store for you this year at Reactionary Century.  Because we use school years here; calendars are so Mayan, and those guys predicted we’d be dead by 2012.  WE’LL SHOW THEM!