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The links:

Variety Fair explains the success of Jay Leno in this interesting piece.

Head to Colbert Nation to stream the new Flaming Lips record; hurry—it’s only online until Monday.

-The long-rumored Pavement reunion is finally happening; Matador has some details while Rolling Stone has a brief interview with Spiral Stairs.

Scientists have cured color-blindness in monkeys through a simple gene injection.

-They (scientists) have also discovered a rocky planet outside of our solar system, the first such discovery.

The YouTube highlights:

Here’s a little “on-the-set” piece to get you excited for Sunday’s Curb Your Enthusiasm premiere:

New music spotlight:

BeckRecord Club 1: The Velvet Underground & Nico

I’ve really been enjoying this cover album by Beck and friends.  The idea is that they get together and record an entire cover album in one day, then post the results online, one song at a time.  The original VU album is one of my favorites, and the covers don’t disappoint.  I’ve posted one of them here, but you can actually listen to or download the entire album over at Musical Pairings:

Beck – “Run Run Run” from Record Club 1: The Velvet Underground & Nico, online release