Compiled by Ryan

The links:

NBC has picked up full-seasons of Community and Parks and Recreation, which have both exceeded industry ratings expectations.

-I enjoy Top Chef, but I’m not sure about a Just Desserts spin-off.

-A lot of rumors have been bouncing around about Hulu going to a pay system, but this article attempts to refute such claims.

-A former Late Night with David Letterman writer wrote an interesting piece for Vanity Fair about what it’s like to be a female working for the male-dominated show.

New music spotlight:

YeasayerAmbling Alp [Single]

All Hour Cymbals was one of the more interesting debut records in recent memory, instantly catapulting Brooklynites Yeasayer to the ranks of “buzz band.”  Fortunately for everyone, the band decided not to abuse this status by rushing out a new album of debut-album retreads, instead logging long hours touring, writing, and recording in anticipation of their 2010 follow-up, Odd Blood.  We now have the first taste of that album, and I’m pretty excited to hear more:

Yeasayer – “Ambling Alp”