Compiled by Ryan

The links:

-If you’re looking for a way to waste a solid half hour, check out Paste’s top fifty albums and films of the decade.

-Wes Anderson told Access Hollywood that he wants to shoot a film in space.

George Clooney may play the lead in The Descendants, the next project from director Alexander Payne.

AV Club talks to Chris Pratt, who plays Andy on Parks and Recreation.

-Tina Fey recounts her ten favorite 30 Rock moments at The Daily Beast.

This NYT piece highlights the talented Kumail Nanjiani among others in the New York alt-comedy scene.

-A friend pointed out to me that Fearless Freaks, the Flaming Lips documentary, is on Hulu now; if you’re a fan of the band at all, it’s definitely worth a watch.

The YouTube highlights:

It’s a simple enough concept, but Christopher Walken reading Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” on Jonathan Ross still made me laugh:

Aziz Ansari highlighted this gem on Twitter this week:

New music spotlight:

Julian CasablancasPhrazes for the Young

Stokes leadman Casablancas has gotten quite a bit of buzz for his debut solo album; you can read an interview on Pitchfork, check out this Village Voice article, read about his cover of the SNL song “I Wish It Was Christmas Today” at NME, then listen to it at Stereogum, and, finally, you can check out his MySpace to preview the entire album along with bonus tracks.  But if you don’t do any of that, at least listen to the Strokes-y first track:

Julian Casablancas – “Out of the Blue” from Phrazes for the Young, out now on Cut Records