Compiled by Ryan

The links:

Paste keeps pumping out these “Best of the Decade” lists, and they keep being fun: here’s their list of American breweries, and here’s their favorite live television moments.

-Probably the best, fairest, most-balanced albums list I’ve read so far is that of the AV Club.

-It was only a matter of time until Vanity Fair got their hands on those prepsters Vampire Weekend.

-With digital Lifter Puller releases on the way, along with a book about the band, Craig Finn talks to Pitchfork about his Minneapolis crew before The Hold Steady.

-On the heals of an event at The Paley Center in LA, Parks and Recreation is finally getting some respect, along with speculation about what surprises this season holds.

-If you’re feeling nostalgic, NPR takes us back to the way music blogs were ten years ago.

The YouTube highlights:

One of my new favorite comics is Kumail Nanjiani; check him out on Letterman:

New music spotlight:

DestroyerLive on CBC Radio 3

I haven’t been listening to much new music this week, so I’ll highlight the one thing I did add to my collection: some solo Destroyer performances.  You can listen to the entire set here, or just check out this new track entitled “Chinatown”:

Destroyer – “Chinatown,” live on CBC Radio from the Ukrainian National Federation in Montreal