By Ryan

The end of the decade is fast-approaching.  For those of us in the blog world, this means lists.  Copious amounts of unnecessary—but, ultimately, fun—lists.  But I’m sick of all these lists-by-committee, a process that ends up synthesizing everyone’s tastes so that you read about how important Bowling for Columbine was (pretty important) right after reading about how fun The Dark Knight was (pretty fun).  Besides, there are enough lists touting Radiohead, the Cohens, Gladwell, et al.; I want lists that drip with the personality of their creators.  Because what is a decade if not a window into the way we lived our lives?

With that in mind, I’m putting out a call for best-of-the-decade lists from everyone who regularly reads this blog.  Anyone, really.  Send me your top 10, 25, 50, whatever picks in any category you choose (be creative! [or don’t]).  Please type them up in Word format, with optional commentary, pictures, videos, etc.  Email them to me by December 4, and we’ll begin posting them December 7.  These lists will take the place of our regular features for the remainder of the year.

Reactionary Century’s best of 2009 lists will come in January, courtesy of the RC staff (me and Anna).