By Anna

On these upcoming Ides of March (Idus Martias) Julius Caesar will not resurrect from his 2,054 year slumber beneath the earth, but the day should, nevertheless, be held in high regard as our ancestors held it.

Few (if any) military parades will take place, and praises for the god Mars has a slim chance of happening, but I think Hipsters and punks alike are bringing back the recognition, if not fear, for the Ides of March. Though I’m uncertain as to whether I fall in either of those groups, I would like to reflect upon the foreboding words with a foreboding of my own.

Beware the Ides of March for a time will come when we will no longer be, and for some that time comes sooner than for others in part because of continual humanitarian crises. According to, an organization committed to responding to international crises, Islamism, energy issues, and HIV/AIDS are some of the top reasons why conflict ensues in various countries throughout the world.

Conflict arises from fear of citizen deaths, fear of disease, and fear of an unstable climate. Most of the world continues to play by the bigger is better mentality, which is directly causing these issues and is in opposition to fundamental moral truths many of these countries believe. For example, bigger cars emit more CO2 and cause climate instability; a greater number of deaths on earth leads to a great number of awards in the after life; and a greater number of women leads to a greater number of people contracting diseases.

Crisis Group recognizes that personal freedoms (particularly for women) leads to less conflict overall. As we globalize without acknowledgment of our actions, conflict continues to rise and the Ides of March continue to haunt. Let us not be vain as Caesar was, but let us humbly lead into a new era in which Crisis Group can recognize more improved conflict states than ongoing conflict states.