By Anna

Value can be found in how we watch movies. Not just what we watch, but also in what order we view them. So here are just a few movies I find interesting to watch back-to-back or temporally close together. (In no particular order of importance).

The 400 BlowsThe Darjeeling Limited

Wes Anderson falls right in line behind Francois Truffaut as a talented auteur. The final scene in 400 of Antoine running to the beach is wonderful.


Two films. Two young men with misguided direction. The directors give us long indoor shots with minimal, yet intriguing, story line.

Marie AntoinetteThe Motorcycle Diaries

These coming of age films give viewers a different perspective of these                classic historical villains. The in between scenes of Marie with her daughter and Che with the leper colony have a valuable perspective on the layers to each of us.

Lawrence of ArabiaThe Hurt Locker

These two are connected by their respective desert wars. Both protagonists

are consumed by fighting for a cause that they lose sight of because life becomes about the fight. I love them both, and though Lawrence is a few hours long, it’s well worth it if you have the time.

To Be Or Not To BeInglourious Basterds

Over-the-top ridiculous Nazi comedies. Inglourious” is just a gorier take on the original idea of fooling the Nazis presented in To Be Or Not To Be.

King Kong (1933)—The Host

I really wanted to pair the Korean horror flick, The Host with something. At first I thought about Alien, but I haven’t seen it. Then I thought about The Birds, which is a close match, but King Kong is a great pick because at the time it was an unusual monster flick. The Host is entertaining and goofy, and could beat King Kong in a match any day.

The Public EnemyGoodfellas

Goodfellas is a lot more entertaining, but the gangster film wouldn’t be where it is without a few oldies leading the way. It was also a motif in season 3 of The Sopranos so a good knowledge of old gangster flicks can go a long ways.

I would really love to hear other movie match ideas so leave a comment!