Compiled by Ryan

The links:

The new M.I.A. album will be called /\/\/\Y/\, probably pronounced “Maya,” and is now coming out July 13.

-NPR is all over the album streams these days: this week, it’s The Black Keys.

-It’s hard to imagine that anyone has more movie deals lined up right now than Aziz Ansari, who’s teaming up with Danny McBride for a new project.

-Now that the series finale approaches, it’s time for the superlatives and hyperbole about Lost to begin.

Law & Order has been canceled, though its spin-offs will remain on air.

A David Sedaris story is being adapted into a film; let’s hope they consult the witty scribe on the script.

New music spotlight:

Sleigh Bells Treats

Sleigh Bells have been gaining fans online since demos leaked following their breakout performances at CMJ last fall.  Their full-length is finally on its way, and it delivers on the promise of those demos: machine-gun beats, heavy guitar distortion, and sweet pop vocals.  It’s like The Dirty Projectors remixed by M.I.A., who runs the label (N.E.E.T.) that’s putting this album out.  Take a first listen here, or stream the whole thing on NPR:

Sleigh Bells – “Crown on the Ground,” from Treats, out June 1 on N.E.E.T./Mom & Pop