By Anna

I’ve watched so many zombie movies in such a short amount of time that I’ve dreamt about zombies twice this month, and never once have I been a zombie in these dreams, which tells me I’m relating to the not-yet-zombie characters and here’s how:

1. I find humor in horrifying situations, much like Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) does.

2. I am a list maker (Columbus again) and need to make lists in order to survive in non-Zombieland.

3. I drive a Saab (Columbus’ first car), but would switch to a yellow hummer if it meant that it wouldn’t break down … ever.

4. I have fond memories of amusement parks like Little Rock (Abigail Breslin) and want to believe zombies wouldn’t exist there, but the movie is named Zombieland so don’t hold out much hope for that.

5. I don’t really think I’d be able to survive in Zombieland—using a shotgun, crowbar or hoe for survival is not my thing (see Woody Harrelson’s character, Tallahassee).

Of course Zombieland wasn’t the first film to do zombie parody well, Shaun of the Dead is just as great for laughs. What I liked about Zombieland that Shaun of the Dead didn’t give me was the character narration and continual integration of Columbus’ rulebook, which threaded the film. Where as Shaun’s thread was alluding to previous actions presented in non-parody Zombie flicks—effective, but not a thread for first time Zombie watchers. Zombieland is for everyone (old enough and stomach enough to handle the gore) and you don’t have to be a fan of the living dead to get it.

Don’t let the film’s gory introduction stop you from watching because the initial guts and literal blood curdling are the worst of it—it only gets funnier and has a great surprise you have to see.

Quick reviews of movies I saw this week:


If I had known Brothers was a slow-Stephen-King-build-up-to-climactic-ending plot I would have enjoyed it more. But I was disappointed at the slow approach, and even in the respected time it lacked relationship development. Overall, not a film I would watch again, but if you are prepared for a slower film with little combat the acting is pretty decent even though the writing is weak.

Whip It

A fun coming-of-age story that made me laugh, but didn’t convince me of Page’s skills as an actress nor did it convince me that roller derby is an activity I would want to watch. It’s worth seeing, but I would not put it on last year’s top films in spite of Wigg’s enjoyable performance.