Compiled by Ryan

The links:

-The excellent How I Got Over is now streaming on The Roots’ MySpace page.

-Modest Mouse leadman Isaac Brock talks to Pitchfork about a soundtrack he contributed to as well as the potential for a new Modest Mouse album.

-After losing power to the studio cameras, Jimmy Kimmel taped Wednesday’s show on his laptop webcam.

Craig Kilborn is coming back to TV.

-An excellent SNL blog recently posted an interesting interview with Bobby Moynihan.

GQ talks to the Muppet-loving Jason Segel.

New music spotlight:

Stars The Five Ghosts

Stars have a way of sneaking up on you: their music is always melodramatic in the prettiest way.  I haven’t gotten enough of their new album to fully grasp its feel, and it’s certainly not as immediate as earlier works, most notably the excellent Set Yourself on Fire.  “Wasted Daylight” is an early standout:

Stars – “Wasted Daylight,” from The Five Ghosts, out now on Arts & Crafts