By Nicolle

I just got home from a family reunion based around my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary. Unfortunately, given my cynical attitude and my introverted nature, I had a hard time falling into the perky personality required for such an event. And I came home exhausted.

That said, I’m giving you a chance to peruse some of the blogs and news I read daily to keep myself afloat on relationship news:

  1. These iPhone apps are supposed to help with your love life, from reminding you of your significant other’s birthday, to keeping track of your on-the-side girlfriend. Yes, I’m serious, and no, I do not approve.
  2. Finally. Someone in the magazine world agrees with me: Marriage is NOT a fantasy.
  3. How many characteristics should be on your to-date-or-not-to-date list? Only three, says this dating coach.
  4. Only one of the reasons Gen X and Gen Y are bad at relationships: the ambiguous and undefined hookup.

If you’ve got others I should read, send them my way!