This week on the internet: 082710

Compiled by Ryan

The links:

NY Magazine lists the most-anticipated shows of the fall.

-Will Forte has left SNL.

Rob Thomas and friends (Party Down) are making a new series for NBC called Temps.

-There’s now a Netflix app for the iPhone.

Vanity Fair talks with the mysterious Vampire Weekend cover girl.

-Funny or Die offers up some Bill Murray facts.

New music spotlight:

Sufjan Stevens The Age of Adz

After sneakily releasing an EP (All Delighted People) last week, Sufjan announced a new full length due this October.  I’ve never loved Sufjan as much as others, but the new stuff sounds promising; lead single “I Walked” recalls Animal Collective while retaining the delicate vocals Sufjan is known for:

Sufjan Stevens – “I Walked,” from The Age of Adz, out October 12 on Asthmatic Kitty