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The links:

NY Magazine profiled Jon Stewart and The Daily Show.

-Fans of Community will enjoy this “music video remix” of the first season’s highlights.

Indy Week spoke to Demetri Martin, who confirmed that he won’t be doing a third season of Important Things.

-Scribner is now offering Chuck Klosterman essays a la carte, for 99 cents each.

The YouTube highlights:

Probably for music nerds and/or Jack White fans only, but interesting:

New music spotlight:

Interpol Interpol

Some folks have called this Interpol’s “comeback album,” which only confirms that (1) the band’s last two albums failed to live up to the promise of their sparkling debut, and (2) people generally agree in their dislike of Carlos D. I’m not totally sold on any comeback, but there’s certainly a nice quality to the lead single from their new self-titled release:

Interpol – “Barricade,” from Interpol, out now on Matador/Soft Limit