Compiled by Ryan

The links:

-You can stream The Age of Adz, the new Sufjan Stevens album, on NPR.

-The National will release an expanded edition of their brilliant High Violet.

A beautiful new video for Wolf Parade’s “Yulia” was released this week.

-The Star Wars trilogy will be released in 3D beginning in 2012.

-In other re-release news, AMC is screening Back to the Future this fall.

-Before (or after) you see The Social Network, read this NY Mag feature wherein Aaron Sorkin discusses the fact/fiction aspect of the film.

New music spotlight:

Deerhunter Halcyon Digest

It’s been talked about in this space before, but the new Deerhunter album really bears repeated mention. It’s more immediate than any of their previous efforts, yet still has enough going on to promise a fun aging process. A rare band that plays equally well as intense listening or background noise, Deerhunter deserves your listen:

Deerhunter – “Helicopter,” from Halcyon Digest, out now on 4AD