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Collected By Anna

Vodafone’s answer for low sales in Developing Countries = a $15 cell phone

NYC transforms parking meters into bike rakes.

Yoga in prisons

Urban planning curbs obesity

The first Wave Farm off the Oregon Coast (of course)

Montana has third best wind potential, Texas, first

Sometimes we forget about languages going extinct

For the most part these all seem like interesting ideas and stories, but I’m interested in what you think. What are the ecological outcomes if more people own cell phones? But shouldn’t people have the same opportunity to own them, because I’m sure not giving mine up? I think Yoga in prisons could help with a lot of stress and anger, so why not have Yoga in schools and churches as well?

I’m excited about all the potential we have as a nation, but concerned that if we don’t go beyond these small measures to better ourselves we will steer the earth into the sun; and if we don’t take the wheel, China will, and we’ve set a pretty ridiculous development precedent that they’re reaching for.

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