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Compiled by Ryan

The links:

-So we alrewilcoady knew that the upcoming Wilco album would include “Wilco (The Song),” but now we know that it will be called Wilco (The Album).  Yes.

-I’ve been hearing about James Cameron’s Avatar for so long that I’m sure it’ll disappoint those looking forward to it.

-On the heels of Bea Arthur’s death, this Chicago Tribune article explores the revolutionary nature of Maude.

-Everyone knows that Comic Sans is for d-bags, and now even The Wall Street Journal recognizes it.

-This should be fun: No Age, Deerhunter, and Dan Deacon are touring together this summer.

The YouTube highlights:

It’s not exactly “The whistles go woo-woo!,” but this is pretty close to entering the pantheon of great local news videos on YouTube:

New music spotlight:

You probably thought I’d make you listen to something off the new Bob Dylan, huh?  Eff that.  Here’s one from the upcoming Dinosaur Jr.:

Dinosaur Jr. — “I Want You to Know” from Farm, out June 23 on Jagjaguwar