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By Eric

I hate hard news. I hate it hard. Harsh, but to me there is nothing worse than reporting the news.

This is where I backtrack momentarily, because I am not trying to demean reporters in any way. It takes skill. I know this. I’ve tried it. However, I also know that it absolutely isn’t for me. I thought it was, once upon a time, but I was a freshman in college and drunk 44% of that time.

No, what I have learned through my various meandering thoughts and equally meandering writing ventures, is that I have no interest in journalism—or reporting, at least.

My point here isn’t to rant about myself – as far as you know – but rather to state that it is often easier to figure out what you don’t want to do than what you do want to do. (Which sounds more obvious than it is.)

When I first decided I want to write, I was hell-bent on being a sportswriter. Lock it down, I’m covering sports. I joined the paper freshman year in college as a sports reporter. I did the standard things a sportswriter does: cover events, interview athletes, write game recaps. It was exactly what I thought I wanted to do.

Except I hated it. A lot.

At the time, I didn’t really think of year-and-half I spent hating being a sports reporter as something that would become defining for me in any way, but it turns out that it was. It showed me that something I was so sure I wanted to do was something I didn’t want at all.

People get so wrapped up in trying to make the job they think they want work, that they don’t explore whether or not that job is what they really want. Even if you spend a couple of years doing something you thought you would love, only to realize it isn’t why you really want, is that really a bad thing?

It’s a lot better to change your plans and be happy, than convince yourself you are happy if you really aren’t.