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By Anna

It is in American nature to hang on to the curtails of bureaucracy.  What we don’t know doesn’t matter, except when the media says it does.  In the case of this Twin Cities news clip the media reinforces the long standing racism and classism of society from its white privilege view of East Phillips in Minneapolis.

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What reinforces racism in this clip:

  1. After dark = safe.  Jody reports live in East Phillips at 10 p.m., yet the shots of the neighborhood throughout the news clip are only during the day.  They wanted to show her live in order to reinforce that the neighborhood is safe after dark, but she’s not going anywhere and the news truck is probably right in front of her.  I’d feel awful safe at 10 p.m. anywhere in the Twin Cities with a camera crew too.
  2. Crime = Black thugs.  Forty-five seconds into the clip Jody says the block club was started to “combat crime” as the camera jumps to three black kids walking down the street in baggy clothes.  Only reinforcing the fact that surely if they are black and wearing baggy clothes they are criminals.
  3. Block clubs are not new to combating crime.  The report makes block clubs look like new ideas, yet the Banyan Community block club has been around for a decade and has contributed all along to the decrease in crime.

Though the report is news, it is not helping with issues of race and class. Of course the editor cutting the clip was focused on time, it is difficult to combat racism and classism when people in the media are not aware of the stigmas they present. Viewing media from a lower class and different race’s perspective is imperative in understanding in an effort to change your view of race. We must all, at least a little, take on the role of black spectatorship.