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By Anna

We all know those people who we hope to God never travel because they make us look bad. For me, it’s my fellow classmates and Christians who assume anywhere outside of the United States is a dangerous world (which explains why 91 percent of mission funding in the church goes toward reaching other Christian denominations with the “right” denomination. But that’s a story for another time).

fake macIn 2005, 61.8 million Americans traveled abroad taking ignorance with them. Though these problems of Americans abroad irritate the educated and culturally interested, they will most likely never change, even with the familiarity of McDonald’s going with them.

A few weeks ago in my Wednesday night class, a sophomore girl to my right was telling me about her upcoming trip to Cambodia to fulfill her study abroad credits. She told me how nervous she was and how she knew it was a dangerous place where no one spoke English. Though I’m becoming less and less friendly with these uneducated democratic citizens who have access to the Internet and therefore the world, I took on a patient demeanor and told her about my time in Cambodia two years ago: About the happiness and excitement of the people and about the safety of the city and the continual affect of the Pol Pot Regime from the 1970s.

She tried to hide her shock, but also felt reassured that it was a safe place to visit. I wanted to tell her not to go before she knew more about the country and people. To educate herself and try to learn the language in order to better commit herself to the culture she would be immersed in for a month, but I didn’t. I only reassured her, allowing the plushness that is the pillow of the United States to remain, even if I didn’t reaffirm her ignorant ideas of Cambodia. Though I didn’t have the heart to tell her there aren’t any McDonald’s in Cambodia.