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By Anna 30691-clusters_medium

Major food industries are taking on organic and local food markets in an attempt to justify the years (and years to come) of earth and human exploitation by these companies.  Or perhaps they really do recognize the need for humanity to conform to a more sustainable lifestyle in order to bring restoration; either way the point is to make a profit.

Remember that True North nut company that occupied every other slot during the Academy Awards?  The one that featured a non-profit organization at the beginning and then said nothing to connect it to the nut company, basically saying “hey here’s someone who’s doing something good and we make nuts!”

So True North (yes they’re 100 percent organic nut mixes) is owned by Frito-Lay, which is owned by Pepsi Co.  Now, I’m sure these companies do in fact support homeless shelters and parks in the south Bronx, but one year’s salary of one of these CEOs and the joblessness in the south Bronx would be no more.  I’m not condoning throwing money at an issue, but it’s annoying trails of ownership like this that make eating organic a fad.  It’s become so popularized and sexy by Hollywood production, like they’ve found something that hasn’t been happening in Portland and Seattle for decades.

If the big companies aren’t throwing money at issues, then why do we continue to throw money at them?  Supporting their organic movement also supports their mass production of unrecycleable foil chip bags and does not promote simplicity or sustainability.