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Compiled by Ryan

The links:woodylarry090601_1_560b

NY Magazine had an extensive feature about the upcoming Woody Allen film Whatever Works, which stars Larry David.  The article focuses on the disappearing art of Jewish humor with an obvious focus on Allen and David.

-Wanna read some funny tweets?  Check out this list of comedians on Twitter, though it fails to include the awesome @azizansari.

One of the members of the alt-hip-hop group Subtle was awarded over $18 million in a law suit against Ford stemming from a 2005 auto accident.

-First came news that Archie (of Archie Comics fame) was going to propose in an upcoming issue, then came the disappointing spoiler: it’s Veronica.

Videogum presents: “The Five Worst Parallel Parking Videos of All Time.”  Worst=best.

The YouTube highlights:

A couple of videos from the fictional TV show Yo Teach…! from the upcoming Judd Apatow film Funny People hit the internet this week.  Check it:

New music spotlight:

Grizzly BearVeckatimest

If you have access to the internet and more than a passing interest in music, chances are that you’ve heard a mountain of praise about Veckatimest already.  While I can’t say it’s undeserved, I would like to point out two things: first, Yellow House is better, no question, and, second, Grizzly Bear knows one trick and, although it’s a hellagood one, don’t expect anything different from the chamber-pop Brooklynites.  Still, it’s easily one of the top releases of the year, and will no doubt further their “American Radiohead” status:

Grizzly Bear – “Two Weeks” from Veckatimest, out now on Warp

By Ryan

Last night was the premiere of “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.”  I was there to live blog it for your enjoyment.jimmy

12:37 AM Show is starting…

  Hey, there’s Conan! That’s a nice touch for the opening.

12:38 AM Gervais from “Survivor” joke! The exact opposite of topical. Still, funny.

  The opening sequence is very similar to “Weekend Update” and “SNL” in general

12:39 AM The Roots just rock. If nothing else, the cool kids will watch for them.

  I like this announcer

12:40 AM His name is Steve Higgins; I think he was a writer/producer on “SNL.”

12:41 AM Kind of a Conan-y monologue in terms of Jimmy’s interplay with the audience.

  He’s (predictably) a little nervous/jittery.

  It’s pretty much the same comic delivery as Fallon used “WU.”

12:42 AM Continuing to be nervous, Jimmy is pacing. A lot.

12:43 AM Some good jokes in that monologue–Microsoft stores are like Apple stores, except when you ask the staff a question they freeze; a woman was pulled over while breast feeding and charged with both reckless endangerment and having an open bottle.

12:44 AM “Slow Jamming the News”-this is a great use of The Roots, and, in particular, their MC Black Thought. I hope this is a recurring bit, it’s the funniest thing so far.

12:46 AM Some new music from the band, they reportedly wrote over 200 new tracks for the show because NBC wouldn’t buy the rights to their old stuff.

  Fallon’s hair is totally short, btw.

12:49 AM It’s a very clean, very simple set.

12:53 AM “Lick it for $10”

  “You like something, you get $10, you go live the rest of your life”

12:55 AM The items are a lawn mower, a printer/scanner/copier, and a bowl of goldfish-overall, pretty disappointing given the setup.

1:02 AM Jimmy is asking Robert De Niro questions with one-word answers to get started.

1:05 AM De Niro is just a terrible guest; maybe they figured it could only get better from here.

1:06 AM Jimmy doing impression of De Niro in “Taxi Driver”

1:07 AM De Niro doing impression of Jimmy in “Taxi”

  Not super funny, and also basically the same bit they did on “SNL” about 8 years ago.

6 minutes

1:13 AM “Space Train”-a prefilmed bit with Jimmy and De Niro. It’s not bad, and this is probably better than anything they do live tonight outside of the monologue.

6 minutes

1:19 AM Jimmy is reminiscing with Justin Timberlake about “The Barry Gibb Talk Show” sketch they did on “SNL.” I get a felling this is going to happen all week-Jimmy talks about “SNL” with guests who’ve been on the show: Tina Fey, Cameron Diaz, Donald Trump, Drew Barrymore.

1:25 AM After talking a bit about a somewhat-intriguing show Timberlake is producing for MTV, he and Jimmy are now doing John Mayer impressions.

1:27 AM And now a bit of “Michael McDonald.” Maybe JT should have hosted this show.

5 minutes

1:32 AM Van Morrison is top notch.

I think we’ll have a lot better idea after next week’s shows of what we can expect from Fallon on a nightly basis.  There were some decent bits here-“Slow Jamming the News” is quite good, and “Lick It for Ten” has potential.  Fallon struggled with the guests, but so did Conan until about 2002 or so.  Seriously, it takes most hosts forever to get comfortable just chatting with celebrities, making the boring ones interesting and the highlighting what’s fun about the weird ones.

One thing Fallon has going for him is his tech-savvy.  The show already has a pretty good website/blog, Fallon tweeted during the taping, and he’s having the guys from Diggnation on the show next week.  They’re clearly targeting the college demographic that was so huge for Conan’s success, and they just might find it.

How long it’ll take Jimmy and company to find it is another matter, but there’s enough interesting pieces here (The Roots, the announcer, the monologue jokes) to keep folks tuned in while the show finds its footing.

Compiled by Ryan

The links:

-First things first: Puppy Bowl V, well, happened, and Gabe over at Videogum absolutely nailed it.  Be sure to watch the video as well as read it; trust me, it’s so worth it.

A lot has been said about that “MacGruber” “Pepsuber” Pepsi ad, and SNL head writer Seth Meyers cleared it up in a radio interview this week; basically, Pepsi approached SNL about doing a spot, and the writers/performers got a cut of that $3 million while Lorne Michaels did not.  You can hear the whole interview in the second half of this podcast.

-Of course Sony picked up this movie.  And you thought Larry David and Woody Allen were neurotic on their own.

-The Brooklyn/Minneapolis band everybody love/hates is releasing a live album and documentary.  Awesome.

-Now that our own Adam has taken the dive into Twitter, it may be advantageous to find out more about famous musicians’ own Twitter accounts.

The YouTube highlights:

Rod Blagojevich, whose last name Microsoft Word Office 07 somehow recognizes as a legitimate word, was on Letterman this week.  You’re welcome:


Local news is just the best.  Check this out:

 New music spotlight:

MorrisseyYears of Refusal

At this point, you either love Morrissey or you don’t, okay?  And yes, nothing in his solo career can compare to The Smiths, but, frankly Mr. Shankly, why would it?  He’s on a bit of a late-career resurgence as of late.  Give a listen to his latest single before a double-decker bus crashes into you.

Morrissey – “I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris” from Years of Refusal, out now on Lost Highway

P.O.S.Never Better

A member of the Minneapolis-based Doomtree collective, P.O.S. has been rocking solo for a few years now.  His last effort, Audition, was one of my favorite records of 2006, and Never Better proves just as good.  Though he’s technically an MC, the term “rap” doesn’t do P.O.S.’s music justice; the guy samples Underoath, names songs after Sarah Silverman, and enlists cameos as diverse as The Hold Steady‘s Craig Finn and Romantica/Foo Fighters violinist Jessy Greene.  He started in a punk band, and he wears the influence heavily.  Listen closely to “Let It Rattle,” and you may just catch a nod to both Mitch Hedberg and The Big Lebowski.  To quote The Cool Kids, “How gangsta is that?  Pff, not gangsta at all!”

P.O.S. – “Let It Rattle” from Never Better, out now on Rhymesayers Entertainment